The single column lifter – a versatile supporter in the meat industry

Lifters are widely used in the food industry to discharge meat and other food products into tumblers, vacuum fillers, mixers, grinders, and formers.  Therefore, they should fit structurally with these machines. The lift equipment must serve the manufacturing process smoothly. Kittner’s lifter has this key feature that helps it perform both robustly and flexible:

Versatility of application  

Our engineers design and test each column lift to be compatible with the corresponding equipment in the following aspects:

– Height of discharging

– Tipping angle

– Distance from other equipment

– The chute requires

– Mobility or mounting to the floor, wall, or another device

– Lifting capacity

lifter discharge meat into tumblers, vacuum fillers, mixers, grinders, and formers

Some of the most popular machines on the market that can be served by our single-column lifters are as follows:

Vemag DP3 vacuum filler;

Henneken CVM 250 vacuum tumbler;

Henneken CVM 350 vacuum tumbler;

Handtmann VF 608 vacuum filler;

Seydelmann mixers MG series;

Seydelmann vacuum-mixers VMR series;

Gea ScanMini 1.5 tumbler;

Gea SkanMidi 2.5 tumbler;

Gea SkanMidi 4 tumbler;

Gea Mixers, Grinders and MultiFormers

Our lifting and tipping devices can upload all standard types of buggies and containers used in the food industry including Euro bin 120l, 200l, 300l, Box pallet / Dolav container, euro crates, etc.

At Kittner, lifters are produced on an assembly line. All operations are optimized and the product is quite standardized. Thus, we guarantee our partners high quality and a competitive price without giving up the possibilities of non-standard executions.

If you would like to find out is your equipment compatible with our lifting devices, just contact us. The Kittner sales team will recommend the best solution for you.